sealing stamped concrete

You'll learn how to successfully reseal your stamped concrete pato, driveway, or pool. There's just some things we have to do before we re-seal your stamped.This professional concrete sealer is pure acrylic in a solvent base and will give you concrete surface a durable coating of semi-gloss for a "wet look". Designed to be non-yellowing, EnduraSeal will enhance and protects any type of concrete including exposed, stamped, colored, and stained aggregate.stamped concrete sealer dos and don’ts. DON’T apply the sealer too thickly, or it will just lie or puddle on the surface rather than penetrate. Acrylic sealers are designed to go down very thinly, at thicknesses of only 1 to 2 mils.A Concrete Decor article titled, "Use of Penetrating Sealers is on the Rise" published in January of 2017 states, "The decorative industry grew up on the "one size fits all" high-gloss sealer which was the go-to coating for decades. While high gloss is still widely used, low-gloss and natural finishes in the decorative concrete.A sealer will protect the color and sheen of your stamped concrete surface. apply sealer to stamped concrete surfaces every 2-3 years to help block penetrating dirt, dust, and stains and protect against wear and abrasion. Talk to the contractor that initially installed the stamped concrete to find out what sealer is best for your surface.

This video,, can also be seen at your stamped concrete patio needs to be re-sealed, and the concrete stain is still in good condition, then applying another coat of sealer will keep it protected and prevent color fading and an uneven appearance. Re-sealing stamped concrete patios can be accomplished in five simple.Re-Sealing. When your stamped concrete was installed, as the very last step was application of a clear concrete sealer. That sealer is designed to protect the.Stamped concrete Sealer, Penetrating Concrete Sealer, Tinted Concrete Sealer, pool decks, etc. have become very popular in the last decade. Stamped surfaces use patterns and different colors to form a beautiful look to your interior and exterior surfaces. They usually resemble slate, stone, wood, tile, flagstone, and various patterns and textures.Foundation Armor stamped concrete sealers are designed to seal, enhance, and protect a variety of stamped concrete surfaces including stamped concrete.