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What is the difference between salt based water softeners and salt free water softener systems? Well, everyone thinks the only difference between the two softener systems is that one uses salt while the other doesn’t. What do you think? This isn’t the truth as there is more to it than the use of salt.NuvoH2O will have you enjoying healthy, salt-free soft water with our amazing compact system. Using an eco-friendly process to condition all the water throughout your entire home, no longer worry about crazy high utility bills and contaminated water. Visit our website to learn more!Content: The Reasons Why California Led the Movement to Ban Salt Water Softeners The most common type of traditional water softener treats hard water through a process called ion exchange. The water softener runs the water through resin beads where the calcium and magnesium molecules switch places with sodium molecules, leaving the water soft.Another alternative to salt for water softeners is potassium chloride, it works for the same water softeners that salt does. For some levels of hardness, magnetic water softeners can also help. We hope that in our best salt free water softener reviews you have found the needed information.

This video,, can also be seen at water softener that uses salt or a salt-free conditioner – What is better for me? There is no simple answer to that question – much of it depends upon where you live and your lifestyle. For example, some counties (especially in California) have banned water softeners, so you are limited to a salt-free conditioner, even if you don’t want one.premier water systems premier salt free water conditioner 12 GPM WHOLE HOUSE WATER SOFTENING SYSTEM. Sold by Premier Water Systems. (SD-100V-US) SALTDETECT II Low Salt Level Alarm for Water Softeners; 110V. Sold by Isopure Water. add to. "salt free water softener" & marketplace (114) Only.Thank you for visiting water softeners orange county. We are a local water filtration equipment supplier here Southern California. We have a local office in Irvine. If you are looking for a free estimate for no salt systems or salt-free water conditioners then call us today. Open Hours: Mon – Sun: 8AM-6PM