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Recently been hit by a storm that resulted in a damaged roof? No problem. We provide storm damage inspections followed by hail damage roof repair in Austin.Hail damage devastates roofs severe storms can roll through Central Texas any time of the year and bring with them one of the most devastating weather elements for roofs – hail damage. Any time there is hail in the area, you need to have a professional roofing company in Austin TX inspect your roof.Rapid Roofers is your premier Atlanta, GA professional roofing contractor. We a provide a professional roofing experience at an affordable price! Experience hail damage? We specialize in making process your roof repair as easy as possible. Call us today for your free estimate at (855) 707-6085″This year is on pace to be as bad or worse than 2017,” says Mike Mills, sales manager for Pyramid Contractors Inc., an Omaha-based roofing company. “We replaced many hundreds of roofs that year.” A.The hail and the worry kept roofer paul kreiluch busy all day. His company, Triad, replaced Montogmery’s roof two years ago and came back to check on it Monday. "We’ve looked at 20 roofs probably so.So don’t wait to protect your roof’s shingles from hail damage! Our team has been roofing Austin for decades and can assess the state of your roof and help you to protect it from hail damage via a range of different techniques, all of which are designed to reduce the fracturing and damage caused by the impact of large hailstones.Hail Damage can be overlooked by the naked eye and can ultimately cause long term damage. Acura Roofing Austin TX helps you repair your roof from all damages. [email protected] +1 512 280 6875 +1 512 280 5472.But Snow disagrees. "In this area, as bad as the hail was, you really don’t have a choice," he said. "With this kind of damage, if you don’t replace your roof soon, you’re going to have leaks.".Auto repair shops and roofers are anticipating more business in the wake of last week’s hail storm. But it’s not what they saw in 2011 when hail storms caused $45 million in damage in the state,