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This video,, can also be seen at Butterfly – A new PoW algorithm: CryptoNight R. The new software update boron butterfly takes place at block height 178800 (March 9th). This is v0.14. release of the Monero software which introduces a new PoW based on CryptoNight-R.The sixth and latest in Sony’s popular RX100-series, the RX100 VI is (unsurprisingly) the most powerful yet. Still pocketable, but now offering a longer zoom than any of its predecessors and an.On 14/03/2018 at block number 1,529,810 MoneroV is to split off from the Monero Blockchain. All Monero owners are rewarded for holding Monero with XMV Coins (MoneroV) in the ratio 1:10. So if 10 Monero are in a wallet (which supports the Hard Fork), 100 MoneroV will be credited at the time of the snapshot. From the official MoneroV website:Spread the love MoneroV Fork Details MoneroV fork is happening at block 1564965. Many exchanges and services have already announced their support of the MoneroV fork. These include HitBTC, CoinEx, BTC-alpha, Coinroom, Ovis & Octaex among others. Any wallet that that provides you with access to your own private keys so that you can import them [.]After inviting adult film actress Capri Anderson, 22, he reportedly went berserk after accusing her of stealing his watch and wallet. When police arrived. Under no circumstances shall child.One megabyte blocks weren’t too small, he maintained even as SegWit’s block size increase gained broad support, they were too big. and the invalid chain effectively becomes simply a hard fork to.But my congratulations to the people of Australia and New Zealand for kicking him in the wallet, where it really hurts. which we in the West have been doing quite a lot of, with the support of many.The MoneroV fork was announced back in January and the coins will be distributed with the help of an airdrop to the existing monero holders in a 10:1 fashion. If you hold 1 monero during the time of the snapshot, you will recieve 10 times the amount in MoneroV.The Goal of NEO 3.0 NEO co-founder, Erik Zhang, couldn’t attend the conference in person but delivered the details via video presentation. a complete overhaul of NEO as we know it-a hard fork and.