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Appliances, Bathroom, Building Supplies, Electrical, Flooring, Furniture, Hardware, Heating & Cooling, Home Décor, Kitchen, Ceiling Fans, Lighting, Outdoors, Paint, Plumbing, Storage & Organization,Remove Popcorn and Stucco and Flatten Ceilings. Never has there been an interior decorating debate in Toronto more heated than this: to remove your stucco ceiling OR to simply paint your stucco ceiling! That is the question for many Toronto-area homeowners. Both of which are big messy jobs that you wouldn’t want to do without professional help.Homeowners should also consider the cost of painting or adding another ceiling treatment once the popcorn ceiling is removed. Popcorn Ceilings Removal Cost Factors. The most important factor for determining the cost of popcorn ceilings is whether there is asbestos that also needs to be removed.We are a Genaral Contracting company specializing in popcorn ceiling removal and renovations, servicing all across the GTA. SERVICES. This is our specialty, they don’t call us The Popcorn Busters for nothing! We use a Festool Planex, a German engineered machine, with a 95% dust extraction system to remove the popcorn texture while covering all.If you’re looking to give your Toronto home a facelift and increase the value of your property, we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on customer service and offer free consultations regardless of how big or small the project may be. Toronto Stucco and Popcorn ceiling removal is what we do.At ceiling stucco removal toronto we offer ceiling removal services. We are a team of ceiling removal specialists provide services in Toront.This means not only are they going to do the taping off and painting, but they also cover your floors and furniture, fill holes and cracks in the wall, and some are even willing to help out with.That could mean getting rid of that bumpy, spray-on coating that became so popular 30 or 40 years ago and that, for some inexplicable reason, is still despoiling unsuspecting ceilings today. You know.When your ready to remove your popcorn ceilings and obtain a competitive quote by a company that has been in the business of removing popcorn ceilings for over a decade, well then you are at the right place! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We specialized in acoustic popcorn ceiling removal as well as drywall and drywall repairs.