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This video,, can also be seen at Discs Appointment at Better Health Chiropractic with Dr. Eingorn. Better Health Chiropractic New York – Call 646-553-1884.. Herniated Disc Exam at Better health chiropractic nyc Patient Examination.Herniated discs can cause low back pain, chronic headaches, and pain and numbness in the shoulders, arms and legs. As a top-ranked chiropractor in Oceanside, New York, Dr. William V. Salvatore offers the most advanced treatment options to help patients relieve herniated disc symptoms and improve their overall spine health.Herniated disc consultation appointment. The next article Herniated Disc Consultation Appointment is available on Better Health Chiropractic NYC See more on: Dr. Eingorn is a chiropractor who treats patients with spinal injuries and ailments, such as herniated discs. He can provide a comprehensive herniated disc.This New York Chiropractor blog is a journal of the day to day happenings of a New York Chiropractor and his New York Chiropractor clinic.Using the exclusive DRX 9000 he shares his results with this Non Surgical Spinal Decompression with all that are interested.This is an excellent treatment for those with a herniated disc and back pain. Dr. Eingorn is a NYC chiropractor who treats patients that have back injuries, including herniated discs or bulging discs. On this video Dr. Eingorn talks.the patient during the operation. The skin incision can sometimes be performed transversely, resulting in a more discreet scar (Fig. 3). · Herniated Disc For nearly thirty years, Dr. Alex Eingorn has worked with patients who are living with discomfort due to herniated discs and other issues of the spine. Fortunately for those who are in need of herniated disc treatment, surgery is not always the only, or even the best, solution. Dr.Dr. Alex Eingorn is a chiropractor in New York City that specializes in treatments for herniated discs. In this video Dr. Eingorn discusses the.Better Health Chiropractic New York – Call 646-553-1884. What is a herniated disc? Disc herniation occurs when the very tough, but flexible ring that surrounds a thick gelatinous center becomes damaged leading to bulges and/or ruptures. While herniated discs do not always necessarily cause.