labours leadership debate live in cardiff

This video,, can also be seen at Corbyn will face his challenger for the Labour leadership, Owen Smith, in a live debate in Cardiff early next month, the party has announced. The hustings, on 4 August, is one of a series.Image caption Stephen Crabb (Conservative), Owen Smith (Labour. election debate between Welsh leaders of the main political parties takes place later. They will face questions from a studio.The BBC Leaders’ Debate professor roger awan-scully. 2 May 2015. Last night saw the final major set-piece event of the election campaign in Wales – the second full Welsh Leaders’ Debate, shown live on BBC1 Wales. Analysis of Twitter reaction to this event apparently showed far fewer tweets.All Nations Centre was the chosen venue for the first labour leadership debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith, as the Party contemplate their future. The reputation of All Nations Centre amongst the leading political parties continues to grow, with now significant Conservative and Labour events being hosted at our facility.Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith go head-to-head at Labour leadership debate. In an often fiery exchange, Mr Corbyn hit back, blaming Mr Smith and others for undermining party unity when they quit the shadow cabinet in protest at his leadership.Since the Welsh Assembly’s birth in 1999, Welsh Labour has been in power. We have had three First Ministers, all Labour and all elected through the electoral college system. During every leadership election the system has been the subject of considerable debate, often obscuring the contributions of the various candidates during the election.The 2015 United Kingdom general election debates were a series of four live television programmes featuring the leaders of seven main British parties that took place during the run-up to the general election.They each featured different formats and participants. The first was a one-on-one programme between David Cameron, Prime Minister (Conservative Party), and Ed Miliband, Leader of the.That’s the end of our live coverage of the Labour leadership hustings in Cardiff. Thanks for joining us – see the BBC News website for further reports and reaction. Posted at 11:51 5 Jul 2015 11.Plaid Cymru leader leanne wood leaves cardiff. debate tonight when he was asked a question about Alastair Campbell. Mr Campbell has reportedly said he was standing in for Julie Etchingham and.