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This video,, can also be seen at many new products or services, online therapy struggled to take off. However, because we rely so much on technology nowadays, it was only a matter of time before this industry took off. Fast forward several years and online therapy, also known as online counseling or e-counseling, has become a mainstream service for people across the counseling services: A Viable Alternative to Traditional Counseling The idea of online counseling services may be difficult to comprehend for some. Traditionally, counseling usually involves traveling to a therapist’s office, spending an hour or so discussing issues related to your problems, getting feedback and helpful advice, and then.If you are interested in trying Systematic Desensitization Therapy, you can find a provider in your local area or work with an online therapist. Online therapy is convenient, and it’s available.It may be the final hurdle you face. With these challenges there is still a great option for therapy: cheap, affordable, or free therapy online that is available to everyone with access to the internet. There are many different options – here are cheap or free therapy online options you can try today. 6 free therapy online optionsgood therapy works more like an information and resource center than a service where you get paired with a therapist. On the upside, they have a huge directory of licensed therapists in many countries round the world. And the directory doesn’t just give you results for therapists, but marriage counselors, psychologists and child counselors as well.Our Online Therapy service offers therapy at a lower cost, greater convenience and with added privacy. In addition to Health Directions' in-person counseling.NOTE: The Virtual Therapist Network is not an employer or referral office. All online therapists listed on the Virtual Therapist Network are 100% independent business owners who retain full control over every aspect of their online therapy service(s) to include fees charged, payment arrangements, notes/record keeping, and availability to name just a few.and services that enable employers to give staff members access to therapists and counselors online. It’s all part of a new landscape of digital therapy – a landscape that the therapists I spoke with.