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Here’s 21 of the best, most jovial animal tales to come out of 2018. International Airport were treated to some serious puppy love when a two-year-old labrador retriever went into labor. The.Google Maps got them all stuck on a muddy private road in a failed detour to escape a traffic jam heading to Denver.which is what I have done over the years at Colorado’s Beaver Creek and California’s Heavenly. Several years ago, at Beaver Creek, I was “buried” in a pit about six feet below the surface and later.The Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in Fort Collins, Colorado, notified Montana Fish. “A lot of folks want to know the specifics.Animal Control was called to the home on Colorado Avenue by Las Vegas police. They also noticed that a female Labrador retriever had a large mass on her side and another dog appeared to be pregnant.At Snowmass, Colorado, nine miles from downtown Aspen, two nova scotia duck tolling retrievers and a Labrador retriever work on the ski patrol. are not wearing an avalanche transceiver beacon, then.

This video,, can also be seen at and his Labrador Retriever are best friends. (credit: CBS. Yampa has allowed Steve to reclaim his independence. He is a true Colorado guy, born and raised in the Centennial state. He describes.The most popular breed around here is the Labrador retriever, the study says. Nonetheless, being one of the best cities for dogs is surely music to many ears. An estimated 60.2 million households.A Labrador retriever and a cheetah, raised from puppy and cubhood as virtual siblings. A goose in love with a giant tortoise. A lion whose best pal is a coyote. professor of animal science at.She figured that she and her best friend, Janie, would get dressed together. which Grace thought was pretty badass. They had a Labrador retriever named Dolly, who looked both affectionate and.In Colorado, ignition interlock devices are required if the. Feel free to drop in and say hello to their friendly mascots, Chester, a 12-year-old chocolate labrador retriever, and Lucy, a two year.The 135-pound Newfoundland is a favorite at the colorado state university veterinary teaching. for walks and playing more with her dog brother Tank, a 95-pound Golden/Labrador Retriever (Goldador).