tension control bolts

Original video found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NwIsS0fzao.Dimensions for Tru-Tension Bolts Dome Head Tru-Tension Fasteners From Nucor Fastener Tru-Tension Assemblies are manufactured to ASTM F1852 (A325 equivalent) or ASTM F2280 (a490 equivalent) standards in the United States using domestically produced steel. Each Tru-Tension Bolt is pre-assembled with an ASTM F436 Hardened Washer and a Heavy Hex Nut.A tension control bolt (TC bolt) is a heavy duty bolt used in steel frame construction. The head is usually domed and is not designed to be driven. The end of the shank has a spline on it which is engaged by a special power wrench which prevents the bolt from turning while the nut is tightened.LeJeune Bolt Company is the leader in construction fastening systems and choice to some of the most notable construction projects in the world.We supply Tension Control Bolts (TCs) meeting ASTM A325 in both plain and mechanically galvanized (MG) finishes. ASTM A490 plain TCs are also available. See the tables below for A325 and A490 TC bolt weights and part numbers.Proper tension is assured for all bolts in a connection only if the bolts have been systematically snugtightened and subsequently fully tensioned as specified. Note that specific and proper lubrication of "tension-control" or twist-off bolts is essential to the reliable installation of these fasteners.Fastenal offers same-day service on thousands of construction and industrial supplies. Local source for millions of MRO, OEM, and safety items. vending and managed inventory solutions provider.A325 tension control bolts and A490 tension control bolts perform optimally in a moderate temperature range: between 40 F and 90 F. Galvanized tension controls bolts or TC bolts are an excellent choice for outdoor or exposed installations, or where corrosion or weathering is a concern.Tension Control Bolts The lowest cost method of properly installing high strength fric.on grip / preloaded bolts. ADVANTAGES OF THE TENSION CONTROL BOLTS Technical : Consistent tension; Visual inspection; higher grade steel and increased pre-load facilitates the use of smaller diameter bolts.Short animation demonstrating tension control bolt (TC Bolt/TCB) installation using a shear wrench. Tension Control Bolts and the innovative Shear Wrench system are the lowest cost method of.