sewerin aquaphon a 200

This video,, can also be seen at Wireless Water Leak Detector. The Sewerin Aquaphon A200 professional is simply the most advanced and complete acoustical water leak detector system ever developed. The Aquaphon A200 professional implements fully wireless technology. This is accomplished by utilizing Sewerin SDR headphone technology with TS200 test rod technology.A full charge of the integrated Li-Ion rechargeable battery in the AQUAPHON A 200 receiver, F6 wireless headphones and TS 200 carrying rod is enough for a full day’s work. Work effortlessly and ergonomically. The TS 200 carrying rod with its balanced, ergonomic design fits snugly into your hand.Pinpointing water leaks on pavements and level surfaces – BM 200 Microphone. When the section of pipeline with the leak has been identified, or if you choose to walk the surface of the pipe to find the water leak, pin pointing can be carried out on smooth surfaces (tarmac concrete and block paving) using the uniquely wind insulated ground.The AQUAPHON A 200 is an advanced instrument for pre-locating and pinpointing water leaks. With the A 200, you can confidently locate leaks under almost any conditions. \p> Water escaping from a pipe under pressure generates vibrations that are transmitted along the pipe or through the surrounding ground.AQUAPHON A200 GROUND MICROPHONE. A Choice of Microphones Pre-location of Water Leaks Microphone – TM200. Pre-location of leaks is carried out using the TS 200 with the TM-200 test rod mic (listening stick) a highly sensitive wire free digital microphone for listening for water leaks at valves and hydrants.Flexible use. Thanks to the high protection class (IP67) of the AQUAPHON A 200 receiver, you’ll always be on the safe side, even in extreme environmental conditions. The receiver is impervious to dirt, dust and moisture. The TM 200 touch microphoneused for prelocation can even be used continuously under water (IP68).Das System AQUAPHON wird zur elektroakustischen Ortung von Lecks in Wasserrohrnetzen eingesetzt.. Wie funktioniert das AQUAPHON A 200 Hermann Sewerin GmbH. Loading. Unsubscribe from.SEWERIN ACCESSORIES. STETHOPHON 04.. AQUAPHON A 200. Carry Belt Bag/Holster Microphone protection Extension tip tripod padded hand strap universal microphone Soft Soil Microphone Carrying Rod More. COMBIPHON.sewerin. Sewerin Aquaphon A200 : Wireless Ground Mic For Electroacoustic Leak Location. sewerin. Add to Wishlist Compare. The Aquaphon A200 amplifies these noises allowing the leak location to be pinpointed. Digital wireless headphones