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Ever wondered how many variety of paints there are for watercolor and what’s the difference between them? What is the best kind for traveling? What’s the difference between student and artist grade paint? And are there any tips about water that can help take your painting skills to the next level.Paints. Prang Watercolors- If you’re only wanting to create some basic splashes with bright colors, then this cheap option will suit you fine.But be aware – any of the lovely blending, bleeding, or other hallmark watercolor effects won’t be possible with such a cheap product.How To Minimize The Cost of Your Watercolor Supplies and Materials BASIC MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! Access to basic watercolor painting. See the Video.. Rinse them well in clean water. See the Video.An ordained minister by his teens, JC hall left kentucky to join the Navy but was injured in basic training. He used the money from his honorable discharge to buy painting supplies and hitchhiked.You don’t need a lot of supplies to get started painting with watercolor. You will need a basic set of good-quality watercolor paints, a range of papers of different textures and weights (so you can test for yourself how each one works), and a few brushes.Just add some water to thin them for painting, and a palette to mix your colors on, and you are all ready to begin.~Supplies Shown/ Mentioned & Other Recommendations~ Canson XL Watercolour Pad fabriano artistico watercolour block (rough) ~Other Paper~ Fabriano Studio Wate.#10 – WATERCOLOR PAINT: And finally – we are on to the most crucial supplies of any watercolor supply kit! The Paint! Watercolor paint is perhaps the most overwhelming option simply because there are SOOO MANY OPTIONS! Personally, I highly recommend using tube paint – if you desire bright vibrant watercolors for your paintings.Step 1: Gathering Supplies to Paint With Watercolor. To get started, you’ll need to gather some basic supplies. fortunately, most of these things are very easy to find – you can get them at most art stores or of course you can order them & other handpicked creative goodies on our Amazon shop page!

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